The story behind Stacey Yvonne painting by Rhonda K. Brown

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In June 2019 Rhonda Brown painted Stacey Yvonne as an homage to the civic leader whose spirit embodies what’s possible. 

For me Abrams is the face of generation of leaders that defines excellence in action. “I have the right to do the things I think I should do,” Abrams said. “My gender and my race should not be limitations.”

Each brush stroke of portrays Abrams in a bright and opulent light. The piece is vibrant and at the same time palpable. Brown also paid careful attention to her hair., the artist said “black women at the highest level of achievement donning natural hair styles is an act of self love. It corrects any narrative about how we are expected to show up in any space.” 

Part of the process of creation included hours of searching for the right image from which to create this piece. She settled on a photo or Stacey in a beautiful white dress which has these cape like dolman sleeves. About the photo selection Brown said “...it’s as if the story was predestined—that she would save the world—and then she did.”



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